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AccountAbility Solutions Inc creates app add-ons for Salesforce™ users.Available on AppExchnage
  • Our Asset tracking products; ELTON and Fixed Asset Tracker offer excellent tracking of equipment connected to your existing Salesforce; Users, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities.  Interested in learning more about Equipment Tracking, download our free ebook.
  • Our ScanAnything app allows Salesforce users to scan a barcode and it opens the related record in the salesforce app.  A bit of magic!

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ELTON – Equipment Location Tracking ONline

ELTON is an add-on application for™.  Completely integrated to Salesforce CRM, you just install our package and start tracking your equipment and loaners.  Leverage your existing users, contacts, accounts and opportunities.

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Use ScanAnything to allow your users to scan a barcode or QR code and open the related record in the Salesforce app.  Then build your own Actions to work with the record.

webinarView our ELTON Webinar

Want to see ELTON in action?  We recorded one of our webinars and removed the pre-amble and Q & A.  All you get is a full product overview and demonstration.  It is just under 10 minutes long, but we are sure it is the fastest way to see the product in action.


Complete Asset Tracking Solution for Salesforce Customers

Our Fixed Asset Tracker is a Fixed Asset accounting and tracking application for™ customers.  Generate monthly depreciation journals and track Warranty expiry, Service contracts, Insurance policies and much more.

ELTON vs Excel

More than 80% of our customers are currently using Excel when they sign-on to use ELTON!  As discussed in some of our blog entries using a spreadsheet for tracking equipment is very common, but has many problems.  Spreadsheets are not linked to your contact data like; users, contacts, accounts or opportunities.  Spreadsheets also cannot email you when an equipment loan is coming due or over due.  Spreadsheets are not multi-user either.  Mobile? Just forget it.  Get ELTON tracking your equipment today, we can probably upload your current spreadsheet and get you running in just a few hours.


Click the thumbnail image to download our ELTON vs Excel Equipment Tracking Showdown, if it wasn’t so true it would be funny.

ELTON vs Excel

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Here is where the magic really happens.  In the old days asset control software required dedicated bar code scanning hardware.  Now everyone in your company carries a cell phone in their pocket that is more powerful than the old bar code scanners were, and has a GPS chip built right in.  We leverage the use of bar code or QR code labels with current cell phone technology to replace and enhance what the old scanning systems could do.

Now with your iOS or Android device you can do the following;

  • Record an Equipment Assignment
  • Start an Equiment Loan
  • Return an Equipment Loan
  • Record GPS co-ordinates during all transactions
  • Process a Physical count (Audit)
  • Update Equipment Status
  • Run an Inquiry on a piece of Equipment
  • Take and upload pictures of Equipment

We are not saying that there is no place for the active GPS tagging systems.  But you know what you pay for your cell phone bill each month, imagine sticking a tag that carries even a fraction of that kind of cost onto every piece of equipment you track.  Costs would climb pretty fast.  For typical equipment inventories we offer a cost effective solution that delivers! 

Sales Team

Your sales team has thousands of dollars of equipment that they carry with them to get their work done. Do you know who has which piece of equipment?

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Service Team

Your service team has tools, test equipment and spares that they need to service your customers.  When service techs loan out equipment do you know who has it and when it is due back?

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If you loan equipment to prospects or customers for evaluation & demonstration purposes do you know where your equipment is and when it is due back?

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Data Centers

You have equipment in your data center and remote.  Do you know the warranty information, service contracts and locations for all your IT assets?

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