People ask me about the important dates in the lifecycle of a fixed asset.  One of the dates that is often over looked is the Insurance Policy renewal date.  People think, “well I use that to make sure my assets are covered by a policy and it is still valid”.  Yup that is a part of it since many assets are mobile it is important to make sure all your assets are covered and the policy has not expired.

But, there is a way to use this information to save some money.  Try to synchronize your policies so you get the largest face value of the policy for the lowest premium.  Also, are you over insured?  Simple questions to get the answers to using Fixed Asset Tracker.  Our automatic reminders keep you on top of expiry dates, and quick custom reports can show you the value of assets on a given policy.

Make sure you have; 1) the right amount of coverage and 2) the lowest premium.  A simple task with Fixed Asset Tracker.