Just back from Dreamforce in San Francisco.  I was with 90,000 or so of my close friends.  You know it still shocks me to see people walking around with cell phones, tablets and computers without proper tags.  So I thought I would put down some thoughts on equipment tagging.  While we offer QR Codes for each piece of equipment, you don’t need to be quite that sophisticated with your tags.  However, a good tag does have certain pieces of information.


  1. A phone number to call if the item is foundEQ-Tag-300x224
  2. The owners name, the company or the individual (or both)
  3. A unique identifier

Here is a common type of label used by our clients.  The QR Code is used by our software to find and open the record associated with this piece of equipment.  But you can see even if this piece of equipment was found by someone after being lost they would have the information required to return the unit.

You can’t believe how many cell phones and tablets get left behind in aircraft every single day.  Why not make it easy for an individual or airline employees to return this equipment to it’s owner.  Proper equipment tags are the first step to controlling your equipment inventory.