I just got off the phone with a client and our conversation inspired me to write a quick blog entry.  What we talked
about was our mobile scanner software.  The client had just grasped what we are trying to do with this mobile add-on.PortableTerm
androidYou see just a few years ago to do the type of equipment tracking that we offer, you would need to get a few industrial bar-code scanning portable computers at a couple of thousand a piece.  The truth is your team is carrying smart phones and tables that out power those portable computers and have internet connectivity all built it.  All we did was write a tiny (free) add-on that allows your team to use their iOS or Android devices as a portable scanner.

Now everyone in your company has access to do the data tracking required to actually have accurate equipment location data recorded in real time.  Using either WiFi or your cellular data connection, users login to your salesforce org and can start recording equipment movement.  Getting the data entry out into the field is what improves accuracy.  So head on over to the AppStore or Google Play and get our AccountAbility Mobile Scanner app and let your staff record accurate equipment movement transactions in real time.