Right from day one we at AccountAbility have had an on-line integrated mobile app that allows our users to do the simple transactions on their phones or tablets.  I didn’t realize that we were ahead of the curve 3 years ago, but I was shocked to learn that in 2014 we are still on the leading edge. Scan QR

I seems that most enterprise class software treat mobile as an after thought and their mobile apps don’t necessary update data on-line.  We based our design on what the industry is starting to call micro-moments.  These are small operational actions that users can do from their phones instead of sitting at a computer.  Good design of a mobile app takes these use cases into consideration and makes sure the user can accomplish these small transactions with minimal tapping (and typing) and a clean UX.

Our most common mobile transaction is the loaning or returning of equipment.  In our case the interactions are 2 or 3 screen taps and the scanning of a QR Code or bar code.  Then a simple button tap to commit the transaction.  We update our database on line and the transaction is complete.  As we move into a world where there are more mobile devices than computers, we in the IT industry need to figure out which micro transactions belong on which devices and have a plan to provide the software to get our users mobile.