We get a lot of compliments on our apps.  All our reviews on AppExchange are 5 stars.  I was chatting with a prospect this past week and they asked me why I thought we got such high ratings so consistently.Control

I thought about the way our app is designed intuitively, how we support our customers to the best of our ability, how the mobile app just works.  All good things and we get told these from time to time.  But I think the real reason people like our apps is that it gives them a feeling of control over their assets/equipment.  There is now a single repository of all information about equipment and a cradle-to-grave audit of everywhere an asset has been and everything that has happened to a particular asset.

I think this feeling of control that comes from our app, replacing the feeling of “out of control” is the single highest valued benefit that our customers love.  Many business problems come from a lack of control.  When systems and procedures break down and people feel that the process is not working, that is when control is lost.  In our app we have built-in best practices for controlling equipment, but it is the feeling of control that our customers love.

Control is just one of many possible benefits for applications, try to figure out what your customers would like to feel when they use your app.  Then try to build that into the experience your app delivers.