ELTON – Equipment Location Tracking ONline ELTON is an add-on application for Salesforce.com™.  Completely integrated to Salesforce CRM, you just install our package and start tracking your equipment and loaners.  Leverage your existing users, contacts, accounts and opportunities.  Currently using Excel or other spreadsheet for equipment tracking?  You must read ELTON vs. Excel, just for a laugh. Tracking your internal inventory of evaluation equipment or service loaners can be a very difficult problem.   qrcodeWhat makes such a simple problem so difficult?  In most cases it is the reliance on people to fill-in forms or paperwork.


ELTON uses QR Codes or bar codes and Mobile scanningAvailable on AppExchnage software available for iPhone/iPad and Android to allow your staff to scan the QR Code/bar code on the piece ofequipment.  Now they just click “Assign”, “Loan” or “Return” and the transaction is entered on-line and live. Pay for what you use.  Our pricing model re-defines simple.  You will be billed based on the number of users accessing the system.  Our pricing starts at $60.00 per month for up to 4 Users, and $15 per Month per additional User as you grow.  Load this app into your environment and start tracking your equipment today.   If you areready for some in depth stuff check out our video channel complete with a webinar recording and training video.