Complete Asset Tracking Solution for Salesforce Customers

Our Fixed Asset Tracker is a Fixed Asset accounting and tracking application for™ customers. You just add-on our package and start tracking your assets. Track Warranty expiry, Service contracts, Insurance policies and much more.  Fixed Asset Tracker generates depreciaiton journals either monthly or annually.  We can post those journals to FinancialForce and Quickbooks, or you can export them into a spreadsheet to load into other accounting systems.
We have a complete Asset Dashboard that shows you the total value of your assets, by asset type or department. To really manage your fixed assets the problem is much bigger than just depreciation records it’s about tracking everything about your assets; loans, transfers, warranty expiry, finance contracts, insurance policies and more. We supply reports that you can use to track asset life-cycle events. But as with all products you can write your own reports.

Pay for what you use.  You will be billed based on the number of assets tracked by the system. Our pricing starts at $50.00 per month for up to 199 assets. Load this app into your environment and start tracking your fixed assets today.


Fixed Asset Tracker Functions

Data Tracked per Fixed Asset Standard Reports
Asset Tag (bar-code) Insurance Renewal Report
Description Warranty Expiry Report
Manufacturer Finance Expiry Report
Supplier Asset Life Report
Model Asset by Asset Type Report
Serial No Asset by Department Report
Asset Life
Status Asset Dashboard
Responsible user Total Asset Count by Department or Type
Department Total Asset Value by Department or Type
Location Information Total Book Value by Department or Type
Purchase Date
Purchase Cost Depreciation Calculations
Invoice Number Straight Line
Warranty Date Declining Balance
Warranty Service Provider Double Declining Balance
Insurance Policy Sum of the Year’s Digit
Insurance Expiry Date
Finance Contract Details
Finance Contract Expiry Date
IMEI for Cell Phones