Labeling Equipment One of the most important aspects of controlling your assets/equipment is a proper labeling scheme.  Each and every asset needs to have a label attached.  These labels serve several purposes;


  1. Identifies the asset as being owned by your company
  2. Uniquely identifies the asset within your asset pool
  3. Provides contact information for the recovery of lost assets
  4. Allows users to find the record inside ELTON or Fixed Asset Tracker without searching

We generate the unique QR Code for each equipment or asset record. We have a label printing system built into ELTON.  It allows you to produce labels that print on Avery 5162 or equivalent labels and print them on your office printer.   You need to get these QR Codes attached to the equipment to allow users to be able to find the record quickly and record a new transaction.  If you have more sophisticated label requirements, contact us to find out about exporting the required data to Label Printing software that will allow you to produce your own equipment labels.