Mobile Wine Diary for iPhone

So what does Mobile Wine Dairy have to do with AccountAbility Solutions?  Very little, just that we love wine so we thought we would make a wine tasting app for ourselves and others that allows us to record our detailed tasting notes.

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 Our wine app was build for us and then we thought, maybe others had the same issue that we had.  We don’t really acre what others think about the wine we are drinking, we want to record what we think about the wine we are drinking.  So we wanted an app to record good structured tasting notes, with lots of common phrases for nose and palate.  That is what Mobile Wine Dairy does.

Start by scanning the bar code to see if you have tasting notes already, then you choose to edit or add (since some years have the same bar code).  Follow the form and answer the questions, tap save, save and tweet or save and post.  So you can share what you taste with your followers or friends.

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