Fantastic Product / Amazing Support

This tool has massively helped in some areas in the terms of asset recovery. Since the official rollout of this product in production use within our organization we have found overdue assets that have slipped through the cracks so to speak. And thanks to the Elton Tool, we have the means for more accurate reporting, and because of the nature of salesforce, we have the ability to automate many tasks in the regards for asset returns and loans.

The Company uses the tool on a daily basis due to the fact that it makes our jobs easier. We created a dashboard that gives us an insight to the Elton plugin at all levels and thanks again to salesforce we are able to report that information on a daily basis.

It only took me a few days to learn how to configure and manage Elton (this while learning Salesforce as a new user/admin). With the help of the AccountAbility the makers of Elton, getting the tool to do what we needed was a breeze. They provided prompt training, and were very accommodating when we needed the help.

The customer service is great, and the tool can be customized to fit the need, and if more modification is required AccountAbility will jump and get it done with a fair quote.

I would most certainly recommend this product/service to anyone.

I cant give enough stars. the product and the support are fantastic!

Aaron Weinken of DRS Technologies

ELTON is Simply Excellent. 5 Star product 6 Star Service!

As a telecoms company the ability to log and track equipment is a necessity. Elton has provided much greater visibility across our fleet of mobile devices with custom fields to track both IMEI and Serial Numbers. As a net result our back office can immediately see who has what, when it was sold, when the warranty expires, how long equipment has been on loan and who has it; in addition to greater visibility with repairs and the repair process. Customer service has improved dramatically with the adoption of Elton as we now have data immediately accessible via the account record. No more searching through countless documents and no more Excel spreadsheets! The product is fantastic, the support outstanding.

Colin Croxford of Airacom

ELTON is a life changer

We used to work with Excel documents to manage and track loaner phones. Now we save lots of time and issues as recording an equipment lease takes just a few clicks. There are tons of way to adapt ELTON to our needs and evolution. Building Reports is easy and getting all the required informations to each users makes it the perfect tool for any equipment manager.

Abdallah Kourri of Videotron

Great time saving app!

 ELTON is a great application! It eliminated tracking in excel sheets for us!!! This provides a great way for us to track our equipment/ inventory easily and effectively here at the association and allows us to easily pull reports and manipulate quickly. Gordon and his team are a great help all the time. Not only was setting it up extremely easy, but using it couldn’t be any simpler for us. If you are looking for a great asset tracking system, ELTON is your answer!

Erica Castillo of California Charter Schools

Simple, Easy, Affordable

As a nonprofit engaged in disaster relief, we are always shipping/transporting equipment and technology all around the country. Now, I can manage my executives’ mobile device information (no more taking their phones when making customer support calls!), I know what I send and where it is and who is responsible, maintain warranty information, and all from my own computer. Has made our lives much easier, and does the trick; and of course, as a nonprofit, ELTON’s affordability was key. Gordon and his team are fantastic to work with!

Tyler McKee of National VOAD

Great Product paired with Superb Service

This is an awesome app! It gives us everything we need for tracking our IT Assets and the flexibility to customize it to our own business processes. Easy to use and very end user friendly. Gordon and his team provide exceptional service should you need help with anything. Simply can’t say enough good things about this product. If you need to track your Assets, this is a must have!

Elton Chan of TigerTel

If I could give ELTON 5+ Stars I Would!

We have been using ELTON since the end of April and we could not be happier. From the initial contact for information about the app, the trial, the actual implementation, documentation, customization, and the support, this has been the easiest and “hassle free” process I have experienced with any AppExchange app and its vendor. Gordon Derk and his team have gone above and beyond to help us with this product. It does exactly what it says it does and then some – and the mobile app is fantastic!

We use ELTON for tracking IT and office equipment for our non-profit and its remote offices. We also keep track of our inventory of office supplies. We are planning on using it to “track/lease” DVD’s and supporting materials to our remote offices for special movie screenings and events.

One of the major selling points for us were the QR codes instead of the “barcode” labeling we had in the past plus the ease of printing the QR code labels. I have recommended this app to more than one non-profit in my local user group and various forums – it really is that good.

Kevin Larson of Food & Water Watch

Nothing but praise for ELTON!

We are a medical device distributor with tens of thousands of individual SKU’s and individual serial numbers that need to be tracked tracked to hundreds of locations. The ELTON Tracking APP is straight forward yet as complex as we need it to be. The team at ELTON have been responsive, creative and fair during our customization and implementation process.

Craig Sparks of Q Surgical

Fantastic product, great support for NPOs!

Gordon and team have created an amazing product and a great solution to inventory needs. The app is open enough for customization based on use cases, and solves problems with the basic package. The reporting is deep and the calendar is a fantastic edition. No more spreadsheets, no more headaches. In addition, the customer service and support is superior. Bravo to the entire AccountAbility Solutions team!

Kylee Durant of Blue Star Families

Better than building it yourself

For years, we had used either spreadsheets or custom databases (Access, Filemaker) to track equipment that was loaned. Once we moved to Salesforce for all of our other services, it just made sense to move our equipment tracking too. I was all set to create our own equipment loan system, when I found Elton. This system was so logical, and provided a great base upon which we could build. And as an added plus, it comes with an app that uses the camera to read QR codes on devices, to make it easy to loan, check-in, or look up the device. Cool! And the price just makes it that much easier to justify.

Fred Tchang of Advancing Opportunities

Great app!

My company has been using this app for a few months now and we are extremely pleased with it. Gordon and his team have been more than helpful! I would highly recommend if you are looking to track assets.

Josh Bartlett of Adams Group

Now we always know where our assets are!

“Fixed Asset Tracker allows us to easily keep track of our assets, who they are assigned to and where in the country they are. No more “where is that computer with Vista on it”. No more ” do we need to buy a new computer for our new hire next week”. We know where everything is, and when/ if we need to buy new assets.”

Andrew O'Driscoll

Very Useful

We had been tracking things in spreadsheets, paper, etc. It just wasnt working. We had been looking for something that could be used by our technicians in the field and this fit that need and then some. Support is also fantastic if you have any questions.

Jason Knapton of Rebnord Technologies

Great product with awesome support

Gordon and his team have built a great product and back it up with responsive and thoughtful service. We had inventory across the country that we couldn’t track. ELTON has let us track every piece of equipment in a very quick and smooth way. As an Admin it was very easy to work with and I would recommend it to anyone searching for a similar solution.

John Prilliman of Fivestars

ELTON – Great Product and Simple to Use

This is a great app that integrates perfectly into and provides us visibility into tracking and maintaining our inventory of test equipment demo units located across the country. Interface is simple, has all the right data fields, and just works great. Gordon made this process easy and provided excellent support.

Alex Kitsis of Copper Mountain Technologies

What a great solution for tracking our demo gear and maintenance contracts! And Support is AWESOME!

We are a value added reseller that partners and resells products for over 25 vendors. We were looking for resolution to tracking our customers support and maintenance as well as the product they purchased so we could better determine when they were due an upgrade to their equipment. We also needed a way to track all our internal gear as well demo gear and which customers had that gear in hand. We then needed a way to convert this gear over after it had been sold. This tool has provided us with all the answers. We are in heaven.

I can’t end this without saying that the support we have received from AccountAbility has been AWESOME. Every question, phone call, email has been returned in a timely manner and had a resolution to our questions. I am extremely impressed with this team.

Rachel Linder of Insight Investments

Fixed Asset Tracker delivers!

This is a product that goes beyond the typical fixed asset add-on application. Instead of just grinding out depreciation calculations to satisfy the tax preparers, you have a well thought out management tool to help you keep track of the complete life cycle of your company assets. Each asset record contains information about supplier, warranty, insurance, finance and tracking history with the ability to add notes to record the odd bits of information that you would like to have at your fingertips when negotiating the next purchase from the vendor. As a former CPA and CFO, Fixed Asset Tracker provides everything I need for my company’s financial reporting purposes. The bigger value is the ability to not only know where an asset is today but also have records of the movement over the life of the asset. Installation and setup was simple. My one conversation with Accountability Solutions’ knowledgeable staff provided all the information I needed. This is an elegant solution.

Bob Taylor of CoreConnex

Great App — much better than spreadsheets!

With over 700 discreet pieces of high-value demonstration equipment, the excel sheets were no longer viable tracking options for our demonstration stock. ELTON not only offers tracking, but allows us to evaluate the value of our stock against new sales and customer support. Great tool!

Mike Gibson of Aeroflex

Extremely Customizable and Affordable

I have been more than pleased with our implementation of the ELTON App. We were able to easily customize the application to our exact needs, the support has been terrific, and the price cannot be beat. When compared to 3rd party software I was blown away by the savings from using ELTON. The benefits of integrating with SFDC is just the icing on the cake. I would recommend ELTON to any company looking for an efficient way to track assets.

Eric Zimmerman of AZZ WSI