Why Use our Products?

  1. Loss Control
  2. Stay ahead of your Assets Lifecycle
  3. Accurate Financial reporting
  4. Detailed Asset tracking

Because what you don’t track can simply disappear.  After 29 years in the software business printerwith remote employees all across North America I have learned that tracking the equipment given to employees is just the beginning.  You need to track warranty expiry dates, warranty service organizations, insurance policy information and so much more.  For just a few cents a month per asset, track the fixed assets you give to your remote sales or service personnel and save thousands in missing fixed assets.  Our software allows you to track all the critical information as to location and responsible person for your companies fixed assets and equipment.

Typical Equipment for a Remote Salesperson

Computer $2,000.00
Cell Phone $500.00
Multi-Function Printer $500.00
Projector $1,000.00
Tablet Device $800.00
TOTAL Asset Value $4800.00

Fixed Asset Lifecycle

We don’t think about this often, but each asset has a cycle of important predictable events.  Staying on top of this lifecycle and knowing about important events before they happen can save your company money and protect the value of your assets.  Here is a sample of some of the events a typical asset will pass through during it’s lifecycle.








True Asset Loss Story

I was at a social gathering as often happens you discuss what you do for a living with new acquaintances.  When I told this fellow that I wrote software that does Asset Tracking, he told me a true story of asset loss.  Both he and his wife are professional salespeople.  Over the past few years they have changed employers several times.  At some point in their past one of them got a data projector worth approximately $3000.00 assigned by the company they were working for.  This asset is still in their home, they cannot remember which company provided this asset, nor is there an asset tag indicating who owns this asset.  They have even contacted some of their previous employers trying to return the asset, with no success.  Don’t let this happen to your company, get ELTON or Fixed Asset Tracker today!