Just got off the phone with a client that had an interesting question.  He just signed up with a new cell carrier and got all his staff new cell phones for free.  His question was simply do I even bother entering them into Asset Tracker or not.

I asked a question in return, “Even though you didn’t spend any money on the asset does it have value and are there tracking issues like warranty, etc?”  The obvious answer is yes. This is something I see again and again in asset tracking.  Like my last posting people often view assets from an accounting perspective.  You need to consider accounting issues but you need to track all assets.  These cell phones had all kinds of asset lifecycle events that needed to be tracked.

  • Warranty dates
  • New hardware upgrade dates
  • Insurance policy information

Setup every asset that your company owns that needs to be controlled and tracked.  If the asset was to vanish and the company would lose money or be impacted by that loss then it needs to be tracked.