I know you have thought about this over and over again.  If only I could scan a barcode or QR code and create, update or open a record in the Salesforce app.  That thought obsessed me for years, then while we created ELTON we added scanning capabilities to our mobile app.  That was great but it only worked in one specific context and you needed to use our ELTON app.  How about scanning any barcode and using the Salesforce app?  That is what ScanAnything does.  You just add our Scan & Open or our Scan Flow component and you are all set.  Scan Anything comes with two components.

Scan & Open, which finds a matching record in Salesforce and opens that record

Scan Flow Component, allowing you to add barcode scanning to any Flow, and process the resulting scans as you see fit.

Check out the 2 minute demo (actually 1:40)!

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